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Boomtown CRM

A Key Benefit of Joining Dalton Wade


Whether you are a newly licensed agent or an experienced real estate professional, Boomtown CRM will benefit you.


Streamline your marketing and email campaigns through the Boomtown CRM. This effective tool gives our agents a unified place to access and follow-up on all their leads. If used correctly, the Boomtown CRM helps agents be much more organized, efficient and most importantly, close more business!


Leads can be cleanly organized in the following ways:


  • new
  • qualifying
  • hot
  • nurture
  • watch
  • pending
  • close 
  • archive
  • trash


Not only are contacts organized in those key categories with our lead management system, agents have the ability to assign and update tasks with each lead. This is a crucial and key way to track progress, keep you organized and ensure the ultimate end result of closing more business.


The best news? It’s only $50 to access the whole suite!


Check out the video below from one of Phil Wade’s recent Saturday Morning Trainings. In this video, one of our top agents shares her advice on how she closed over 16 transactions in her first year in real estate using Boomtown CRM to stay top of mind and organized.  She provides personal insight on how to grow your real estate business quickly. 


These trainings are FREE to all Dalton Wade agents and non-Dalton Wade agents alike. For more information on how you can attend an upcoming training, click here