Real Estate Agent Training Overview
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New Agent Training

Our Comprehensive Real Estate Agent Training


We know that the decision to join one real estate agency over the other is not always the easiest to make. Beyond our industry-leading, agent-focused commission structure ($79 a month, $79 a transaction), we offer an intensive real estate training  program to all new Dalton Wade real estate agents to help you get quickly started in your new career.


You’ve finished your licensing course, passed your exam and have joined us. We are strong believers in mentership and agent development. With Dalton Wade Real Estate Group, you will not have to go it alone. In the Dalton Wade New Agent Training Program, you will learn the fundamentals for a successful real estate career.


If you are a seasoned agent who has decided to make the leap to Dalton Wade Real Estate Group due to our commission structure or otherwise, this training will assist you in brushing up on key industry elements and will also offer information as it relates to presence via new media channels and opportunities for further exposure.


We make agent training easy and efficient.  You can train on your time by viewing our online training below.  The videos below and the titles in green have links that will provide more information (and that can be printed out) and you can click directly on the videos to play them. Our online training will get you started quickly in the real estate profession and after completion of your training, you will be more than ready to work with both a home buyer or home seller.


In addition to our online training, Dalton Wade Real Estate Group offer both one on one and group training.  You can learn the finer points of being a real estate agent either online, in a one on one or in a group setting.  Bottom line, we make training easy, efficient and convenient to fit you schedule and needs!

















Every Saturday morning at 9:00AM, Dalton Wade Real Estate Group hosts a free training focused on helping agents to secure and close on additional new business. You can attend live and in-person at our St. Petersburg office or you can have the training streamed live to you via Facebook Live.  Just click on our Facebook page and you will be notified when the training has begun.  You can also watch the training on Dalton Wade’s YouTube Channel the following Monday.


For more information on how to attend these training’s, visit the Saturday Morning Training Page.